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What can Local Governments Learn From SaaS Companies?

What Can Local Governments Learn From SaaS Companies? A SaaS (Software as a Service) company is a company that hosts software applications, making them available to customers over the internet. The idea behind a SaaS company is that the software being used resides on...

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10 Hacks for Researching Vendors With Little Time

10 Hacks for Researching Vendors with Little Time A national survey recently found that finding time to research vendors is the #1 challenge faced by busy purchasing professionals.* (*as per the google doc notes – perhaps there’s a different link VR would prefer to...

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Vendor Management Glossary

Vendor Management Glossary   Bidding: “An offer (often competitive) to set a price by an individual or business for a product or service or a demand that something be done. Bidding is used to determine the cost or value of something.” Ex: The contractor bid...

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5 Vendor Management Challenges

[Guide] 5 Vendor Management Challenges Faced By Purchasing Professionals Chances are, you’ve heard at a purchasing association meeting or from a peer in the local government space about solutions that help purchasers manage vendors online. These types of solutions are...

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