Purchaser of the Month
Vendor Registry’s 2017 Purchasers of the Month come from agencies that have been our partners for nearly two years or more. Together these individuals have more than 55 years of combined experience in public procurement and offer valuable insight into how our tools work for them. We are so grateful they took the time participate in this fun campaign. In their own words, here are six things they are doing with Vendor Registry.
  1.  Giving the responsibility of keeping records up-to-date to our vendors.  
    – Cindy Fay – City of Griffin, Georgia  
  1. Increasing competition by casting a wider net for more vendors to compete.
   – Boyce H. Evans – City of Knoxville, Tennessee  
  1.  Freeing up resources to be utilized for other sections of the purchasing department.
    – Rennette Apodaca – Albuquerque Public Schools, New Mexico  
  1. Providing a way for our vendors to submit their bids electronically.
   – Dave Thomas, Beaufort County, South Carolina  
  1. Getting an extra level of communication and support for our day-to-day operations.
   – Elaine Wilson – Bibb County Schools, Georgia  
  1. Able to handle natural disaster recovery with the appropriate vendor contacts available.
   – Mike Thornton, CPPO – City of Leesburg, Florida



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