Stand Out from the Competition  
Taking some time during the holiday season to show local governments gratitude can really set you apart from your competitors. There are many ways to demonstrate gratitude toward past customers and even set the stage for welcoming in new customers. Keep in mind, local governments are bound by laws barring them from accepting money or expensive gifts, but we’ve never seen a plate of freshly baked cookies turned away. Don’t have time to throw on an apron and make a short office visit? Send a card. Make it personable. Include specific things that local government has done for you, mention specific products they’ve purchased, or name those unsung heroes deserving a bit of recognition for always helping to get a job done. Let them know how much their business has meant to you and how they fit in as a part of your team. Including a picture of your staff and/or multiple signatures in the card is always a nice touch. It’s refreshing for folks to hear about the positive impacts even the little decisions made throughout the year have had on people. Don’t even have time to pick up a card? Make a quick call just to let the folks you work with know you appreciate them and their business. This is not a sales call! It’s a time to offer good tidings for the holiday season and well wishes for the new year. Receiving a “Thank you” call in the middle of a work week is the type of surprise that can leave a lasting impression — the kind you want them to remember the next time they need vendor services. Is everyone else also giving gratitude for the holidays? It’s true that the holiday season sees a big bump in thoughtful gestures, but it’s also true that people won’t really complain about being on the receiving end of one more act of kindness.   The best business practice you can take away from the holiday season, is learning to step ahead of the pack by being kind year-round. The small gestures we’ve mentioned have an even greater impact when practiced in the moment. Ultimately you don’t want to save up all your positive feedback for the end of the year, but make gratitude a core part of how you do business.   It is an under-used approach that works well with the other strategies we’ve shared on how to strengthen your business and grow your business. Have questions, we’re here to help. Give us a call at (844) 802-9202 or email us



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