Choosing the Right Lead Notification Service For Your Business

So, you’ve taken a look at our recent blog post, “Are Lead Notifications Right For Your Business?” and decided you’d like to try a Lead Notification service to help get more bid opportunities for your business. But, how do you choose? How do you know which service fits your needs?

When evaluating your options for a Lead Notification service, take these 6 questions into consideration:

What exactly does the service track? 

Does your business thrive on federal, state or local opportunities? Lead Notification services usually focus on one or two market types.

From which resources does the service find its information?

What resources does the service search (e.g., websites, newspapers, websites and newspaper, etc.)?

Is pre-bid meeting information easy to find?

Pre-bid meetings are often mandatory, and you’ll need easy access to this information when preparing to respond to bids.

Are they selling you information or are they connecting you with the source of the lead?

Do they provide a link to the documentation or are you left to find the documents on your own? Determining how close you can get to the bid documents will help you assess the value of the service.

What is the value of what you’re paying for?

Does the service provide access to a list of searchable leads, or does it send leads to your inbox? Does it also include government registrations? Are you forced to subscribe to sales areas you are not prepared to serve? What kind of customer support do they provide?

How quickly can you target the bids that apply to your business?

Do you have to filter through hundreds of bids in order to find the one that fits your business? How much control do you have over the types of leads you receive? Being prepared to respond to bids is critical when deciding to use a lead notification service.

Once you’ve answered these questions for each of the Lead Notification services you’re considering, you should be able to narrow your choices down to find the right fit for your business.

Need help from one of our experts? We’re here to assist you as best we can. Email us at or call us at 844.802.9202 and we’ll walk through your questions together.

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