ELGL Choice Awards: The Results Are In!

We’re too excited not to share—we’ve been ranked number 4 on Engaging Local Government Leaders’ Top 50 Local Government Companies Choice Awards annual list!

One of the most humbling aspects of this award is that the recipients are chosen in part (75%) by the number of government nominations received on behalf of each company. Our fantastic customers took the time to nominate us for this honor, and we’re so thankful!

Take a look at the full write-up or scroll to read a few of the nominating testimonials from our customers that we’re so proud to work with.

“Vendor Registry enables our County to more effectively manage our vendors and most importantly, validate that the vendor still exists on an annual basis. This will enable me, in time, to clean up my financial database and keep it up-to-date so that I can operate more efficiently. They listen to end-users and have implemented improvements suggested by users so that the service provided is best for the customer and not just what is easy for them to program. It is an honor to recommend Vendor Registry for this honor.”

“Vendor Registry helps literally hundreds of businesses throughout Tennessee and the surrounding states by letting them know what local governmental contracts are out for bid. It saves small businesses a great deal of time in that they don’t have to “scrape” multiple governmental websites to find out what procurements are “in play.” Vendor Registry provides this information, on a continual basis, by letting them know what opportunities are out there and it matches these opportunities to what the small businesses provide in terms of products and services. It’s a great time saver for small businesses who do not have the staff to search these websites and it actually costs them very little to join Vendor Registry.”

“Vendor Registry began just a few short years ago and have increased the clients they serve by probably a thousand or more in just a short period of time, because they offer a service that is relatively unique, a “good buy,” and very helpful to small and mid-sized businesses who don’t have the manpower to hunt down the information that Vendor Registry provides them.”

We hope to be considered for this honor again next year, but, until then, we’d like to say THANK YOU to our customers that continue to support us, provide fantastic dialogue and and help us grow.

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