With the help of many local governments like yours, we've built our system to work the way you work, and we're on a mission to help make it better.

How can Vendor Registry help?

Our government partners are saving time and streamlining paper-intensive purchasing processes with Vendor Registry. Quickly and easily recruit vendors, maintain their information and notify them of your solicitations on one, easy-to-use, online platform.

Vendor Management

Register vendors, post bids online, send quote requests and easily add award info and bid tabulations

Vendor Management Premium

Fully customize registration, bid postings, quote requests and get access to comprehensive analytics on your vendors

Contract Management

Receive alerts when contracts and vendor documents expire, store contracts in one location and run reports on all agreements


Send quote requests, and receive quotes from your vendors all in one place

Why use Vendor Registry?

Standard Service

Vendor self-service registration & notification


For Local Governments

Designed for how local governments work

No Software Download

30 minutes to implement

Dedicated Support

Get help and training when you need it

Vendor Management

All of your vendor information in one place. You can register your vendors, post bids and quotes, notify vendors,  and add addendum and award info with the click of a button.


Register vendors via your self-serve online platform


Configure your vendor registration forms


Keep vendor documents in one place and up-to-date


Ensure all your vendors are compliant

Contract Management

Store all your contracts in one location. Receive alerts for important dates. And it all works in tandem with your vendor list.

Store & manage

All your contracts in one location and easily accessed for updates

Stay up-to-date

Always know when contracts and important documents expire. Alerts right to your inbox.

In-depth reporting

Run reports on important dates, contract amounts, departments, and much more


Be in-the-know

Share access internally with multiple users and departments so everyone is always compliant

Vendor Management Premium

All of your vendor information in one place. Register your vendors and add award and bid info with the click of a button.

Locate vendors by zip code, county or city


Easily find your diverse businesses

Capture vendor information from your bid postings with advanced analytics

Get started with your free trial.

Your peers in cities, counties, school boards and utilities are turning to Vendor Registry to help manage and streamline manual, paper-intensive purchasing processes, saving much needed time and earning recognition for joining the movement toward digital governmentall on a free platform.


Vendors self-register to do business with you, and their information is always up-to-date

Post bids, quote requests and awards on your website, so it’s easier for vendors to find

Find vendors close to you that provide the product or service you’re looking for

If you’re like me, there aren’t enough hours in the day. Vendor Registry has helped to streamline the process of vendors calling me to be added to the city’s vendor list. Since the city joined Vendor Registry, I’m able to direct those vendors to the city’s website to register if they wish to do business with the city; thereby saving time on the phone. If you’re busy, the 30 minutes to implement Vendor Registry will save you hours.

Karen Harper

City Treasurer, Brentwood, TN

Vendor Registry has made the procuring process easier. We have a pool of vendors to choose from and we’re able to get a quick listing of our vendors by category and automatically send them solicitation opportunities. We’re very satisfied with the performance of Vendor Registry and would recommend it.

Litsy Pittser

Procurement Specialist, Palmetto Bay, FL

The Highlands County Board of County Commissioners Purchasing Department has been using Vendor Registry for Vendor Registration and Bid Notification Systems since December 2015. This new system has saved us valuable time when notifying our vendors of solicitations and has more than quadrupled our vendor database, and they’re recruiting new vendors for us every day. The site is very user-friendly and the team at Vendor Registry is very professional. They have trained our staff at our convenience and they assist our vendors with registration whenever necessary. I would definitely recommend Vendor Registry to all Government Agencies. The more entities that are signed up, the larger pool of competition we will have.

Danielle K. Gilbert

Purchasing Manager, Highlands County, FL

Vendor Registry’s registration was very easy to implement and is easy to use. To get started, we put two links up on our website, and it only took 30 minutes of training to learn the user-friendly system. They’ve helped to streamline the process of vendors calling and emailing me to be added to the city’s vendor list. Since the city joined Vendor Registry, I’m able to direct those vendors to the city’s website to register if they wish to do business with the city, saving me time. We also use Vendor Registry’s solicitation option, which has been a real time and paper saver. We simply direct contractors to the website for all the documents in the Notice to Bidders.

Renée Kingston

City Clerk, Camdenton, MO

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