Why Sell to Local Governments?

While some may think that selling to federal and state agencies is most lucrative for companies that serve governments, local agencies, such as cities, counties, utilities and school districts also provide excellent opportunities for vendors.

In FY2016, local governments accounted for $1.81 of the $6.6 trillion total government spend, with federal spend at $3.85 trillion and state at $1.66 trillion. For local governments, that number is expected to increase to $1.87 trillion
in FY2017 and $1.93 trillion in FY2018.

With more and more local governments streamlining and standardizing procurement processes, competition that’s less fierce than with state and federal agencies, and budget allocations that provide a certain amount of funding for smaller companies, selling to local agencies may be easier than you think.

How do I get started selling to local governments?

  1. Conduct market research and determine what types of local governments you want to target and where your products or services might fit best
  2. Determine whether your business qualifies for any of the US small business administration contracting programs
  3. Register as a vendor with the local governments you want to serve
  4. Gather leads and respond to bids or quote requests for governments that need your product or service

How can Vendor Registry help me serve local governments?

Vendor Registry manages vendor registration, bids/quote requests and contract management for local governments across the nation. It also helps local government vendors find leads and register with their target governments quickly and easily.

Have questions about how to get started selling to local governments? We’re here to help. Give us a call at (844) 802-9202 or email us cservice@vendorregistry.com.



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