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Receive hand-coded government bids and real-time bid alerts to grow your business in your state, region or nationwide.

Get started today to view bids that match your products and services.


local government agencies are tracked by our bids team


new bids are processed

every week


public purchasers use our vendor management platform


vendors use Vendor Registry to get registered to do business with local governments and to receive timely bid notifications

With Vendor Registry, you get:

Instant Bid Notifications

Get instant alerts for government opportunities published through Vendor Registry as well as notifications sourced and hand-coded by our bids team.

Hand-coded Bids

We process 11,000 bids per week from over 89,000 local government agencies so that you get bids that match the products and services you provide.

Easy Registration

Use one profile to register as a vendor with multiple local governments. Purchasing agents can find and contact you as a registered vendor.

Stay Organized

Manage your vendor profile and your government compliance documents in a single cloud platform.

Subscription Options

Subscribe free to one government or choose a paid State, Multi-State or National subscription.

Get Started

1 Select your state or region and see the number of business opportunities available.


2 Register for a monthly or annual
discounted rate.


Receive automated alerts for matching bid opportunities from our partner buyers and local, state and federal buyers throughout the region.


Vendor Registry has helped to open the door for my company to win contracts that we normally would have never known existed. Jason D.

Vendor Registry is an affordable tool to assist organizations in the competitive procurement process.

Timothy T.



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