Online Bid Evaluation is a natural extension of the electronic bidding process

For many, the pandemic-driven quarantine has accelerated the local government’s move online. With very little time to plan or implement, local governments were scrambling for solutions.

With the quarantines making work-from-home necessary, no one was in the office to receive bid and proposal packages; and, frankly, no one wanted to be handling binders and papers. Thus, the first challenge was to allow online bid submissions.

Check! Vendor Registry’s Bid Management solution makes online submissions easy and seamless, for both the vendor and buyer. Better yet, the Bid Management solution can be implemented in minutes, allowing buyers to accept online bid submissions immediately. (Vendor Registry is even offering this premium solution for free for a limited time to help local governments in a time of need.)

Your next challenge was having a public bid opening that couldn’t be performed in-person. Could you hold a public bid opening virtually?

Check! Vendor Registry’s Bid Management solution – along with helpful checklists and instructions prepared by it’s Customer Success team – enables buyers to virtually open and read out vendors’ submissions and pricing while streaming the public process online using free tools (like Zoom and YouTube). Furthermore, you can use Vendor Registy’s system to publish on your site and push out notifications to vendors for things like the time and link for the online bid opening.  

Now you’re challenged with evaluating multiple bid responses because you can no longer sit around the same table with the evaluation team, like you’re used to doing.

Check! Introducing Vendor Registry’s online Bid Evaluation solution! In keeping with all our products, it’s the easiest-to-use solution in the market for remote teams to efficiently and compliantly evaluate bid and proposal responses.

  • Easily create an evaluation through an intuitive workflow
  • Seamlessly import vendor submissions into your evaluation from online submissions
  • Customize evaluation categories, criteria and scoring
  • Hide vendor pricing and evaluator names to reduce bias
  • Monitor progress of the evaluation team
  • Export line-item pricing for offline analysis
  • Manage all draft, in-review and completed evaluations from one screen

We have the highest-rated (by ELGL and G2) and easiest-to-implement and use Vendor and Bid Management solutions, and we expect nothing less with Bid Evaluation.

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