Here are some common questions that you may hear from vendors.

Does it cost money for me to register with you?

No. Registering with a local government powered by Vendor Registry is free. Once registered, vendors can use their login information universally to register with other Vendor Registry-powered governments.

It’s important to note that Vendor Registry does offer subscription services for vendors. These subscriptions services are completely voluntary and include automatic registration with hundreds of local governments as well as lead notification services.

During the registration process, my PIN was not delivered to my email inbox. What do I do?
  1. Check their spam/junk folder—sometimes companies have a robust spam filter, and the email automatically goes to spam. Check those folders for the PIN number. The subject line of the PIN email is “Verification Needed.”
  2. Talk with their IT team—if they are unable to find the “Verification Needed” email in spam, please ask them to “whitelist” vendorregistry.com. They may need to make this request through their IT department depending on the company’s security filters. Whitelisting vendorregistry.com should automatically release the email. Once they receive the PIN, they will not miss an email from government purchasing agents using Vendor Registry.
  3. Contact Vendor Registry support—our support team is standing by and ready to assist with any PIN issues. We may be contacted via phone at (844) 802-9202 and/or email at cservice@vendorregistry.com. Otherwise, please contact your buyer success manager for additional help.
Where do I go to find bids?

Open solicitations (bids & quotes) can be found on your website via the link provided when you implemented Vendor Registry. If a vendor is ever looking for open bids, instruct them to go to your website and access your “Open Solicitations” link.

I'm confused about how to use Vendor Registry. Who can I speak with?

If you have a vendor that’s confused about any piece of the Vendor Registry system, feel free to send them our way! They can contact us at (844) 802-9202 or send us an email at cservice@vendorregistry.com.

What does registering with a local government mean for me?

We are often asked, “If I register with a Vendor Registry-partnering government, will I have access to its bids?”

Yes, but you don’t always have to register to see its bids.

Vendor Registry-partnering governments can easily post bids on their websites. Some of our governments “protect” bids behind a Vendor Registry log in, so you’ll need to register as a vendor for that particular government in order to view the protected bids.

Vendors also ask, “If I register with a Vendor Registry-partnering government, will I be notified about its bids?”


Each government has the option to notify you of relevant bids, but this is not a legal requirement.

Most local governments are only required to post their bids publically for 24 hours. To be certain you don’t miss a relevant bid, you’ll need to search newspapers, websites, bulletin boards and other resources. Or, you can save hours of your time and try our Lead Notification service to be notified of relevant leads for all governments in your area.

Can I save more when I subscribe to multiple states?

Our vendor partners often ask, “Do you offer subscription discounts if my company services more than one state?”

Absolutely. Vendor Registry offers a volume discount structure for its Lead Notification and Registration package subscriptions, so the more states you subscribe to, the larger the discount you receive.

As a reminder, Vendor Registry’s Registration package enables you to get instantly registered with all of the governments in your sales territory in order to save you time and keep you on your target governments’ radars.

The Vendor Registry Lead Notification package includes instant registration with all local governments in your sales territory in addition to notification of leads that match your product or service sent straight to your email inbox.

Still need help?

Contact our buyer success team at buyers@vendorregistry.com or call us at (844) 247.4220