Online procurement: The new normal for purchasers and suppliers

The past few months have been anything but normal for most of us, both personally and professionally. And, in all likelihood, grabbing our discomfort and uncertainty like a bull by the horns to embark on a “new normal” has become an unexpected requirement of the already challenging global pandemic.

At Vendor Registry, we’ve been providing support to help our purchasers and suppliers shape their new normal and make it as easy as possible to work together from afar, and our online bid management tools have been uniquely suited to help do just that. 

Even now that some of us are back to work in an office, our purchaser partners have been utilizing our online bid management platform more than ever, and, as a result, are seeing a major increase in the number of online bid submissions from their suppliers. 

From March 2020 to April 2020 alone, we saw a 202% growth in online bid submissions across our partner government agencies. And, although some of this activity is due to the work-from-home orders from COVID-19, it seems that online purchasing solutions are becoming the status quo for helping to create efficient and effective partnerships between purchasers and suppliers. When comparing the number of online bid submissions our partners received from April 2019 to April 2020, there was a 368% growth. 

Now, more than ever, suppliers need the ability to do business with local governments and other agencies via online methods:

“The ability to submit my bid to the City of Knoxville online was a game-changer because the process was so simple. I was able to upload all of my bid documents in one file directly from my computer as opposed to printing, labeling, binding and delivering or mailing my submission to the City. I also appreciated that I received an email notification to confirm that my submission was received. In addition, the email notification of addendums feature was particularly helpful because the deadline for the bid I was submitting was extended, and had I not been able to receive addendum notifications I would have not known I had a bit of extra time to tie up any loose ends on my submission.” 

Although every purchaser’s new normal might look a little different, having the ability to work from different environments and to partner with suppliers as efficiently and effectively as possible (and from a safe distance!) is something that’s here to stay. 

If you’re looking for a way to move more of your purchasing tasks online, we can help inform, execute and support your transition from start to finish. Request a demo with your state’s representative to get started.




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