Evaluate and Award with Ease

Create an easy and seamless online bid evaluation process by building evaluations from your existing solicitations and overseeing the entire evaluation process with your team of evaluators.

Simple Creation

Easily create an evaluation through an intuitive workflow and seamlessly import online vendor submissions into your evaluation.

Customizable to Your Evaluation Needs.

Customize evaluation categories, criteria and scoring. Remove vendor pricing and evaluator names from view to reduce bias.

Powerful Results

Easily monitor and manage your evaluation team’s progress with all “Draft,” “In Review” and “Completed” evaluations on one screen. Export line item pricing for offline analysis.

The Only Purchasing Tool You’ll Ever Need

Vendor Registry’s suite of purchasing product offerings, which consist of both free and paid options, help create the easiest-to-use online procurement system on the market.

Contract Management

Store and manage contracts, vendor documents, and renewals in one location. Receive customized alerts for expiring contracts, documents, and more.

Bid Evaluation

Easily build an evaluation start to finish. Seamlessly import vendor submissions, customize criteria & scoring, assign evaluators, and finalize your decision, all online.

Electronic Bidding

Receive sealed vendor responses that remain sealed until the deadline, and receive unsealed vendor responses that can be viewed immediately.

Vendor Management

Online vendor registration and vendor recruitment.

Solicitation Management

Post formal and informal solicitations, add addendums, and notify vendors.

Vendor Self-Service

Vendors self-register with you via your online portal.

Dedicated To Support

Our team prides itself on listening and responding to your needs as a purchaser. Vendor Registry was founded and built alongside local purchasers and was created with your needs in mind. We’re here to help in whatever way we can.

Vendor Registry is an affordable tool to assist organizations in the competitive procurement process.

– Timothy T.

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