We make selling to agencies easier. Seriously. That means getting registered, compliant and on-the-radar.

How can Vendor Registry help?

Hundreds of cities, counties, school boards and utilities trust Vendor Registry to standardize and streamline vendor registration and bid and RFP management, which makes it quick and simple to get registered with your targeted agencies and notified of solicitations in your sales territory.

Get registered

Get registered (fast) and use that same profile for all of your registrations

Get noticed

Purchasing agents can find and contact you as a registered vendor

Stay up-to-date

Manage all government documents and information on one simple, platform

Be in-the-know

Avoid the endless search for leads and get notified of relevant bids and RFPs right to your inbox

Solutions for vendors


Lead Notification

Get relevant leads sent straight to your inbox


Easy Self-Registration

Use one profile to register with multiple governments

Mass Registration

Let us register you with your list of preferred governments

Renewal & Document Management

Stay compliant and easily renew your registrations

Lead Notification

Stop searching for leads and spend more time focused on growing your business.

With an average of 40,000 leads hitting our subscribers’ inboxes each month, we’re constantly searching thousands of agencies for bids and RFPs that fit your needs.

Choose the regions that match your sales territory

Tell us what products or services your business provides

Check your inbox and our Lead Center for your bid opportunities

The only service that’s customized to fit your needs

Customize your subscription to fit your sales territory, including multi-state, state or regions within a state. Choose only what areas suit your needs.

Pay only for the areas you serve


Tailor your bid opportunities based on the products and services you provide

Discounts based on the number of regions you choose

Pay annually for convenience and greater savings


Get on agencies’ radars by becoming a registered and compliant vendor.

Our one-stop-shop registration service takes the time-consuming task of government registration off of your plate so you can focus on your business.

One-click registration with our partnering governments

Keep all of your government documents in one place

One registration profile to easily update your information and register with new agencies

Get registered with any government

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